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Swati Chowdhury

Swati Chowdhury

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Therapist, Psychometrician and Cognitive and behavioural coach

A Clinical Psychologist Registered Under R.C.I. (Rehabilitation Council of India). Experienced in conducting group-therapy for different population groups such as Substance users, Schizophrenics, Bipolar disorder patients etc. Additionally, she is experienced in providing Psycho-education to parents and patients, behavioural therapy for children as well as for adult population. Area of Specialization includes Rapport Building, Behavioural Activation, Stress Management, Behaviour Modification, Dialectical behavioural therapy, Exposure therapy, Coping skill training, Social skill training, Anxiety management training, Family Therapy; Family Counselling, De-addiction Counselling, Psycho-education & Group therapy.

Competencies Include Management of Interpersonal conflicts, Crisis -management and Relationship enhancement, Diagnosis and evaluation of mental and emotional disorders by using detailed psychiatric case work up approach, Assessment of clients needs, abilities or behaviour by using a variety of methods, including clinical interviews, behaviour analysis, I.Q assessments, Psycho Diagnostic assessments, Neuropsychological assessments and Specific learning disability assessment. Formulation and Planning for Psychological intervention and Psycho-Social rehabilitation by using different therapeutic approaches/models, Conducting Individual Psychotherapy sessions based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy orientation, Neuropsychological rehabilitation and Behavioural Modification.