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Shubhra Banerjee Paul

Shubhra Banerjee Paul


A Clinical Psychologist having specific area of counselling and interests focused on :- Psychotherapy, Behaviour Therapy, Family therapy, Couple Counselling, Group Therapy, Stress Management, Play & Art Therapy, Coach Personality Management, Workshops related to Schools Students & Professionals. Also conducts training workshops on various topics viz. Being assertive at workplace, Communication in interpersonal relationships, Conflict management, Critical thinking, Decision making through strategic thinking, Developing self to train, coach & mentor, Enhancing creativity & creative thinking, Ethics in daily life, Feeling good: the science & psychology of well being, Goal setting, Knowing when to seek help, Learn to handle difficult people, Leadership training, Living with stress, Mindfulness, Negotiation Skills, Persuasion & Influence, Professional burnout, Psychology of body language for executives, Psychology of effective decision making, Psychology of small & effective communication, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Soft skills training, Time management, Understanding self & others etc. Also organised various Children’s program for SPAN (Society for People Awareness), Women’s program for Women’s Rights for SPAN (Society for People Awareness), Awareness program for school children on ‘how to maintain their Mental Health’, awareness program for Child Labour Rights and Acts, counselling of students for specialized jobs in different areas for SPAN - Youth group, Workshops on personality development and preparation for interview, for youth who are socio-economically deprived, Workshops for underprivileged children as well as vulnerable children in all sense to teach them about living with happiness at SPAN; Art therapy for many psychologically ill clients and for clients with terminal diseases.