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  • dr.raghu

    Dr. Raghavendra Bethamcharla Founder and CEO

    Dr. Raghavendra Bethamcharla (Raghu), the founder and CEO of MiMO, is a renowned clinicial psychiatrist based in U.K. Dr. Raghu is based in the U.K since 2003 and completed his MRCPsych from there, apart from his MBA from Edinburgh Business School. A practicing Consultant presently, his interests encompass Forensic Psychiatry, Geritric Psychiatry, Paediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry, early interventions in Psychosis and Addiction Psychiatry, in addition to the general Adult Psychiatry. In addition to equity in health-care delivery and access, Dr. Raghu has been conducting a thorough research in “Stigma in Psychiatry”, with special reference to the names of Psychiatric Hospitals.1111

  • dr.raghu

    Mr. Pritish Kumar Nath Head of Institutional Mental Health

    Mr. Pritish Kumar Nath, B.E (Mech); PGDBM; Diploma (specialist in Psychological Counselling), possessing a long withstanding career with the big corporate names of the industry. Despite his extensive involvement in the corporate world Mr. Nath simultaneously studied and undertook formal training to provide Mental Health Support Services, solely for his undying passion in the concerned field. Being the Head of Institutional Mental Health with MiMO, Mr. Nath has been successfully catering remarkable Mental Health Support Services to all segments, resulting in an improved overall performance of the subjects. Through his extensive experience in the corporate world and his knowledge and passion in the field of Mental Health, Mr. Nath has been offering sincere and dedicated services to numerous institutions, especially the corporate houses.

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