E-Learning Module

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'E-Learning Module' is an excellent tool useful for all categories of employees of an organization to learn the basics of different kind of mental health related issues faced at the workplaces, both within the office and outdoor. These Modules also help learning the simple methods & techniques of how to effectively handle such real-life situations. ‘E-Learning Modules’ are created to present any Topic in the form of a ‘Module’ (segmented in sequential Sub-Modules), where a person can get complete idea along with handling techniques of issues like ‘Stress’, ‘Anxiety’, ‘Depression’ etc. in a very user-friendly way. These Modules are designed mainly with ‘audio-visual illustrations’ supported by ‘narrations’, which make the entire presentation very informative and interactive for the viewers, which in turn makes it an excellent tool for ‘Simple & Effective’ learning.

Our Registered Clients and their Employees may access specific ‘E-Learning Modules’ of their choice through our Hi-Tech and User-Friendly Portal.