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The inception of MindMatters Online (MiMO) is the result of a concerted effort of a group of renowned psychiatrists, with a unique vision to bring world-class mental healthcare facilities closer to the subjects. We strive to offer the best in-class Non-Emergency healthcare services. There are more than 1700 renowned psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors registered with us. With a pool of professionals associated with us, we offer services which are "Accessible, Affordable, Acceptable and of the highest possible Quality."


Well Designed Package for various industries on Mental Health: We have extensively designed several packages dedicatedly offers solution to the mental health issues faced by different people in different segment of various industries. The modules have been carefully designed by experts in this field after a thorough research on the mental issues faced by people in the various industries and the necessity for an effective treatment of the same.

Customized Service : Apart from the tailor-made packages on mental health, there is no specific module of treatment that we adhere to as we design our services keeping in mind the kind and extent of the mental disorder experienced by our clients.

Panel of Expert Professionals : At MiMO we aim to offer the most professional mental health-care services. This has been possible because of the panel of professional psychiatrists associated with us who intricately design the modules.

Online Services : Our online services are aimed to offer our clients mental health-care services which can transcend the barriers posed by time, location, accessibility, etc. One can opt for our services at their own convenience, in their comfort zone and with the doctor of their choice. Through a well-designed dashboard, our online support system aims at providing our Clients a direct access to a well analysed measurable report on each individual change in mental health after attending our Workshops.

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